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2023 Chang Gung Aesthetics Conference
2023年6月18日 星期日

About the Course

Dear Doctor,

With academic interest in and enthusiasm for aesthetic plastic surgery rising, we are proud to announce that 2023 Chang Gung Aesthetics Conference will be held at Research Building Chang Gung Memorial Hospital on  June 18th, 2023.  Each year we identify a field of particular interest,  the theme for this year’s conference will be “Debate between Preservation Rhinoplasty vs. Structure Rhinoplasty”.

We have invited many world-renowned experts in this field: Drs. Baris Carkir, Peter Palhazi, Yasushi Sugawara, Taek Kyun Kim along with domestic speakers who will collectively perform lectures with video demonstrations. All speakers will share their experience and techniques, in what we hope will be a highly educational forum for all participants.

We cordially invite you to join us for this invaluable experience.

Cheng-Hung Lin, MD, MBA, FACS


Yen-Chang Hsiao, MD


Cheng-I Yen

Program Chair

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